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Mar 30, 2011


My blogging days have long been on hold..cause of my hectic schedule and all..but i'm back. So what have I been upto these past days, well for the most part I've been overworked and underpayed..haha then again..that seems to be the situation for many I know. Well i'm just talking b.s., but whatever right, atleast i still gotz my job (lol). Still teaching, and j/k my pay is pretty good..just def. overworked. But on a better note, I finished my first masters course. Now if I could only commit to going Oh and my brothers wedding was this past wknd..stay tuned for some fun which hubby-boo had the privilege of playing the best -man role. Eveything was so beautiful..and I couldn't be happier for my brother & his woo-hoo!!! congrats to them. I've lately been on a real high with WEDDINGS. Especially because I'm in my best friends wedding and I have the privilege of being her Matron of Honor. So I'm so excited to be planning her Bridal Shower..yay!! I have some amazing things I've been working on too, if only i could share now, but I can't..haha (sorry friend)..i will post pics of everything after it is all over and done with tho. Lately i've been hanging alot with my sis..who's out here in jersey visiting from Florida, we go everywhere together :))..And right now, i'm extremely excited & happy for my upcoming Anniversey with lover-boy :)) 2 yrs. married, and 16 yrs together in all.. can't even believe it, all i know is that there couldn't be a better person for me. I love my hubster!

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