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Sep 27, 2010


Hello Luvly's!!!!!I'm back.
With the start of Work & School, I really haven't had time to blog lately :((. But let's see..What Have I Been Up To?? Well status up date - Yesterday was my 30TH BIRTHDAY and i've been celebrating it since this past, and still planning to continue the festivities for this wknd! So far, my BIRTHDAY has been all Love, Smiles, and Good food. Today, I'm one happy ol'woman. Thank you to everyone for making me feel special and help me celebrate life. I now have three decades of life behind me, and I feel blessed everyday to see another day. My life is literally exactly where I want it to be. Couldn't be happier :))))

Here's my BIRTHDAY WEEK so far..but stay tuned for the BIRTHDAY WEEKEND ;)

Mon. night Hubby made reservations for us at the "Melting Pot" in Hoboken, (Jersey) I was the happiest girl!..I NOW LOVE FONDUE! At the Melting Pot, Fondue becomes a memorable four-course dining experience where you can dip into something Different. The place is so relaxing & fun. Hubby knows lately I'm trying really hard to try new things & taste new he wanted to offer me a "different experience" well this was just that. For the first time I had a taste of new things. I tried, blue cheese, terriyaki sauce, shrimp, some weird dressing (don't even remember the name), and different kinds of vegetables. Some I liked..others I still didn't like, but atleast I gave them a try. (lol)
If you guys haven't experienced Fondue yet, the Melting Pot is def. a place I would totally recommend. Hubby loved it and I loved it :))..You basically order your food, the waiter brings you your "raw food", and you cook it at your table station..really cool..really romantic ;)

I had Chicken, Hubby had Steak.

This is one of the menus they give you with sauce options, you also have options for entrees, wine, drinks, cheese fondue for app. & chocolate fondue for dess.

You cook your veggies & meat on skewers and let it soak in the pot until done. Veggies go in first, then the meat. Wait time is a total of no more then 10-15 min.

Checkin for decide..but you do get a preparation cookin guide to follow.

We felt like pro cooks...lmao, (especially for me, cuz I hardly

I could totally see us coming back here for Valentine's Day ;)

Check out this pic I took yesterday on my B-DAY at Work. I got a bday cake, cards from my co-workers, a perfume, chocolates, lottery tkts, and a handmade bracelet from one of my students..too cute :)))


  1. Happy Birthday! I just turned the Big 30 a few weeks ago.. It's FAB!!

    Make sure you enter my giveaway!

  2. happy belated birthday! it's good to know that you had an awesome one! :D

    p.s. i really want to eat at melting pot. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  3. @ Tiff: i will check it out..and THANKS!!!

    @Mimi: THANK YOU!!..Oh yes, u gotta check it out!..u will love it ;)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to you! Looks like you had an awesome one ;)


  5. Thank You Nur KissKat <3 x D

  6. Everything looks great.

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