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Aug 26, 2010

Mexico Takes The Crown!

I love beauty pageants & the rush it brings. While watching the Miss Universe Pageant Monday Night with my mom, we could almost feel the crown going to Mexico even before it happened. Of course we were going for Miss Guatemala too since both my parents are from Guatemala, and my mom is 1/2 Mexican & Guatemalan. We honestly couldn't decide between Mexico & Guatemala, these girls was Smokin-Hot! The other contestents were also so must have been a really hard decision for the judges I bet. Oh and how about John Legend & The Roots Performance?..together I think they're phenomenal.

Check out Miss Universe here - 22 yr old, Ximena Navarette (MEXICO) her smokey eye effect.

Loved her dress..Elegance.

How about Miss Guatemala in a swimsuit - 20 yr old, Jessica Sheel.

Sexy Chapina ;)

Her dress was awesome too..

Navarrete became Mexico’s second Miss Universe. I'm so happy for her and for Mexico too. Mexico has gone through so much over the past 3's nice to see them rejoice with victory.


  1. ms. mexico looks like a doll. :)

    <3, Mimi

  2. they were all so pretty! :)

    BTW thnk you so much for following my blog, means a lot! :) And i must say your blog is so cute. New follower here hhihihi

    Take care hun! :)

    Smiles and hugs


  3. my gawd shes! i've tagged you at my blog :)

  4. @ Mimi: That's exactly what my mom said ;)

    @ Miss V: Thank you..your blog is great too!

    @ Julie: Thanks for the Tag!

  5. Anonymous27.8.10

    she's very pretty!

  6. I agree..Ms Mexico's dress is stunning!

  7. Anonymous29.8.10

    Hi new follower i love yr blog :) keep it up ;)

  8. awww wish i didnt miss it!!
    I am new to blogging! Followed u..please follow back if u can and check my blog out..Not much on it but open 2 any suggestions/feedback

  9. I was actually rooting for Ms.Guatemala! :) She's sooo pretty!


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