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Aug 23, 2010

15 Things That Make Me Happy :)

1. Shopping

If there's one thing I'm good at, it's shopping. Sometimes I'm not even in need of anything..but I'll be quick to find something to splurge on. The bad thing about my little habit is, you would never know it, because what I should be splurging on I don't. I can't help it, I can shop at the mall all day, everyday.


Vintage Finds are awesome, my favorite places to shop are at flea markets in the city. I can literally spend the entire day at these things..hubby already knows the


I love all types of music and can't live without it. Its what gets my butt moving in the morning and out dancing in the clubs on the weekend with friends.

4.Singing In The Shower

Aaahh yes, jus like in that film 'Pretty Woman' with Julia Roberts..only I take showers for the most


Since I was alittle girl, I always loved animals. I've been a proud owner of baby chicks, turtles, fishies, hamsters, crabs, birds, and of course CATS..lots of them. If everyone owned atleast one pet, this world would be a happier place.

6.Fruity Cocktails

Yes, I have a major sweet-tooth.


Madly in love with makeup, always have been always will. I love the makeover factor of it all, and the confidence boost it gives. Thank goodness for Makeup!


I won't job requires lots of patience and organizational skills, mostly so not to lose my But for the most part my job is truly rewarding. The joy it gives me to see my little ones learning so much everyday is indescribable. They really do give my life meaning, and they learn from me each day, as much as I learn from them.


What is there not to love about Fashion! When fashion can be really, whatever you want it to be. I love fashion..but I don't always follow the latest trends. I pick my favorites and create my own STYLE.


I am crazy for shoes. It does not matter to me if its an expensive brand or from a ordinary shoe store, as long as its well made and pretty.

11.Interior Design

I don't know what it is about interior design, but it allows me to create a santuary thats all my own. Really, your place is a reflection of you.

12.You get the picture

The ultimate feel good remedy.


I love photography and the memories that it brings. Don't know the author, but I love the quote: "A photo is worth a thousand words."

14.Me Time/Us Time

I don't care if my life becomes too busy for anything..I always have to make time for me. A little TLC always gets me happy. I love my weekly mani's & pedi's, & Hubby loves his persoanl time too. Back-Rubs are also the best after a long days work.

15.And YOU of course! I Love My Readers, this one's for you :D..


  1. Anonymous23.8.10

    I think we share the same 15! lol possibly in that order too!

  2. Anonymous23.8.10

    Very cute post :-)

  3. kelly: haha!!

    CB: Thanks ;)

  4. cute post! i definitely agree with 1,3,4,7,9,10, and 15. :)

    <3, Mimi

  5. Anonymous27.8.10

    wow. this is cool! you and i have a lot in common. i would chose almost the same things. great picks!


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