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May 14, 2010

my little hiphop post.

This entire week on my way to work I’ve been jammin’ to Lauren Hill, 'Miseducation' & 'Fugees'. For some strange reason, I can’t keep it outta the deck. The feel, the heart, the flyness, the freshness of her music trips me out. I really wanna stop my car in the middle of traffic, put the car in park, bob my head and really listen to what Ms Hill is saying. When you thoroughly listen to her lyrics, everything slows down a little. Some of the things going on in your life have a little more clarity to them. I had to sit back and think to myself, “I know good music when I hear it. So why am I so intrigued by her music... Then I catch myself and start to realize what it is. I often turn on my stereo and listen to music that has absolutely no method (and all madness). Nonsense, foolishness. I’ve become so hypnotized by it that I almost start to lose my sense of good taste. So “real hip-hop” – Talib Kweli, Common, Wu-tang, Nas, Mos Def, Lauren etc – where have you gone, or why aren't there more like you?! (pun, pac, biggie) When I listen to my hubby's tracks, I hear something rare. Something pure. Raw but not; like my sister would say, "half-ass" Music that’s serious and fun all at the same time. I don’t ever get a chance to feel that anymore. The question I’m asking is, where are the real spitta’s at? There used to be a time where real MC’s were all you heard. People say everything comes Back in style, so maybe these up and coming artists, like my hubby (johnny3rounds) who are mostly known in the underground world, can bring back that real Flava to mainstream. Many of these independent artists are so talented,and simply trying to make a name for themselves. I am part of that small, but very committed community that supports non-commercial/independent music. I am my hubby's #1 fan :). Tonight he'll be performing with other amazing MC's at the Public Assembly in Brooklyn New York. I will post pix of tonite's show..stay posted my lovely readers.

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