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May 16, 2010

Linlin's list of 'Things To Do' by the time she's 30!'

Well lately I've been having one of those days when you start feeling You know those days... I was thinking about what I've achieved in life, or not... I tried to recall back to when I was a kid and what I thought I'd have done by the time I was 30! I thought I'd probably be married with a career, husband, kids, house, job - And some of those things I can proudly say are DONE! But this got me thinking of putting together a list of things I'd like to have Marked Off by my 30th Birthday..(Sep 28th 2010) - a list has been made and here it is: 1) Having a Destination Wedding & be Married (DONE) 2) Have a decent career (DONE) 3) Save a stray animal (DONE) 3) Being photographed on a sandy beach with my sweatheart =) (DONE) 4)Doing the unthinkable with my wedding dress (DONE!) 5) Try new foods {crabcakes}(DONE) 6) Take Professional Sexy Pictures of myself (Done) Host a party (Done) 7) Meet a Big Time Celebrity (Done) 8) Kiss a girl (DONE)-My Cats, 9) Travel outside the country (DONE) 10) Participate in a 'Walk for a Cure' (DONE) 11)Far Roadtrip 12) Get Healthy 13) Watch a Sports Game LIVE. (DONE) 14. See U2 LIVE! (Soon!!) 15)Expeirence SKYDIVING(Soon!!!) 16) Graduate Studies. Gradually working my way through as you can see... and all the time now I find myself thinking of things I wish I'd put on my list! Well, maybe for 'my before I'm

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