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Nov 13, 2010

Strolling NYC

Don't you just love how i dissapear into thin air then act like i was never gone..haha!! Well here's to you, my faithful followers. Here's alittle post to help brighten our sunday blues.

Here's pics from our day out in NYC.

I love just hanging in the city. Hubby & I use to do this all the time back in the day. We would hop on the train, and just get lost. So now we're bringing it back and doing it old-school.
Checked out "The Pearl River Shop" on Broadway. Omg..they have like the coolest line of Chinese Goods to offer shoppers. Everything from little gifts to home decor. Plus I saw clothing, books, Buddhist supplies, and lots and lots of incense. Shopping in Chinatown is the best.

I thought these hanging umbrellas were cool.

We checked out the Scholastic Store on Broadway too. Of course I had to check out the Teacher's Section. Awesome selection of Teacher Resource Books, and you get 20% off if your a member. To my surprise, they also do birthday parties there too.

Then we visited the "Brooklyn History Society". This was really cool. I learned so much from Brooklyn's Past and Present. Def. proud to have been born in Brooklyn.

This was a really cool mapdrawing of Brooklyn with pictures of people and their stories. I was enlightend and inspired.

They had sections dedicated to the history of Brooklyn and even a special section for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Being Silly in NYC..

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