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Feb 14, 2010

Wedding Planning 101

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!! So my Best Friend got engaged last night. It was the sweetest Valentine's Day Proposal I've ever witnessed. I'm so happy for them two. This just gives me another reason to I will organize my 1,000,001 ideas I was born to do this..def my 2nd passion next to teaching. So here'swhat I know so far...the beautiful Bride-2-B wants to go with Teal & Green & Location - will be in a Beautiful Garden somewhere. IDK, but BLUE+GREEN+GARDEN can only equal one amazing outdoor wedding. I'm SUPER STOKED to help my friends plan their wedding. Best of all, I get to take part in planning The Bachelorette Party!!! Now for that, I have some seriously BEAUTIFUL ideas. I'll be sharing soon, so stay tuned for that ;) Weddings are so full of love and's a beautiful thing.

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