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Nov 6, 2009

Halloween Catrina - Sugar Skull Makeup

…Aaaaaand I’m back! So here's what my finished Halloween Look turned out to be. Unfortunetly the weather was very Rainy & Cold so I wasn't able to complete the entire Halloween Costume idea that I had in mind, but I did go All Out with my Make-Up! Hubby and I & a few of our friends headed to New York City for the Halloween Parade and Oh God The Things We Saw That, NYC is def. the place to go for Halloween, it's where the real freaks come out. It was so much fun and so many people digged my make-up. Many stopped and did a double was so funny. I saw this one girl with similar face paint as mine that night, but her's was on bare skin background. I was going to do the same, but I was going for a more realistic "Sugar Skull" look, and I really wanted to replicate Sylvia Ji's painting of a beautiful catrina lady. Anyway, here's what I used and what the outcome was...Hope I can inspire some of you out there for next Halloween perhaps ;). If you have questions, just ask. MAKE-UP TOOLS USED *MAC-"White Frost Eyeshadow" for Base (I thought White Paint would be too harsh) *Urban Decay-Black Ink "ZERO" (Used this for making the black lines around my face) *MAC-"Heritage Rouge Pigment" (This has a beautiful Purple Pigment to it) *MAC- "Macroviolet" Fluidline *Makeup Kit from my local Halloween Store (Used Red for the rose petals around my eyes and for the flowers on my forehead & chin) *All Makeupbrushes are from BareMinerals. False Eyelashes from Sephora. Red Hair Flower from Claires. Purple Hair Flower from My Inspiration, Sylvia Ji..Isn't she wonderful :) The Finished Look - 2 Looks..sorry the pix are alittle dark & fuzzy, my camera was totally misbehaving that day :/.

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  1. Anonymous12.11.09

    I LOVE Dia De Los Muertos, I remember getting so inspired about, it makes a sad occurence into a beautiful, joyous celebration! I wish we celebrated here.


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