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Oct 21, 2009

Halloween Costume Ideas! Halloween is one of my favorite celebrations of the year. For me it always sparks creativity and the freedom to role-play - Funny, Silly, Scary, Beautiful or whatever else there's in between. It's what makes dressing up for the occasion so much fun. This yr. my inspiration comes from the amazing work of Artist Sylvia Ji who's paintings are based on the Mexican Female Figure known as "La Catrina". My plan is to somehow incorporate Miss Syvia Ji's Awesome Face Painting with a twist of burlesque. Gettin my gitchee-gitchee-ya-ya on though will take some work...lots of it. Inspired by the cabaret atmosphere of Moulin Rouge, the remake of Lady Marmalade should look as good as it sounds..i think... i Check out some of Sylvia Ji's Paintings...FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! **La Catrina is a well known figure in the Mexican Culture. She's almost like a mascot for the universally known holiday known as "Dia De Los Muertos".** Check Out More Of Her Amazing Work: SYLVIA JI Costume Brainstorming....

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