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Jul 16, 2009

Staycations are here to stay..the Dictionary says so.

Hi I'm back! I hope to get the chance to blog more often now that I'm free, and I could enjoy my summer time off. It's one of the joys of teaching I tell you. I won't lie, $$$$ is tight, but that's what I got my darling husband Plus, I work my butt off all yr. I deserve some time off. I love my summer's and I look forward to them every yr. This summer we didn't plan a vacation, since we just recently got back from our destination wedding in Mexico. And honestly as my sister would say, this economy is surely "whooping my a$$" Did you know that.... Merriam-Webster Dictionary has actually just released the list of the some 100 new words added to its Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition. And "Staycation" is actually one of them. It simply means to 'stay home for vacation' and has gained much popularity in our not-so-stable economy. I’m certainly staying home. For me, I guess it has alittle to do with the economy and EVERYTHING to do with enjoying being free from work, and spending quality time with those that I love. If only life were so easy right?? cats seem to think so.

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